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I would never have thought…


Recently I have read this book about a thirty something woman who, having fallen down at the gym, lost the memory of the last ten years of her life. How surprised was she seeing what became of her life… And it made me think – what aspects of my life would I be surprised with? Continue reading „I would never have thought…”


Teachers? Don’t get me started…

I am going to vent. A fair warning. Am I going to be funny? Probably not. Sarcastic and mean? God, yes. Offensive? Be realistic – when aren’t I? So if you’re not big on sarcasm, you’d better stop reading. I mean it. Consider yourself forewarned…

Continue reading „Teachers? Don’t get me started…”

Public enemy number one or how I lost my baby


We used to be inseparable. My first born and I. We only had each other. We spent all days together, alone, having no other company but one another. We would do everything together. Sometimes because we wanted to. Other times because there was no other option. The first three and something years of his life it was basically him and me. Out of necessity really – he needed constatnt care and who else to look after him than his mum? We never considered hiring a nanny. Grandparents were ok, once a week, for an hour or two, with mum in the other room. Because we used to be inseparable. He would not allow anyone else to look after him, to spend more time with him, without mum. Leaving him at granparents’ just to go shopping? Not an option. Staying the night anywhere without mum? Never. Because we were inseparable. He knew, consciously or not, that I am always there for him, that he can count on me no matter what. Because I am his mum. Continue reading „Public enemy number one or how I lost my baby”

My little miracle

On Monday my baby turns two. By Monday morning this beautiful little human being will have been with me for two whole years. Quite a long time, isn’t it? I have been watching him intently all this time. I have seen him change so much. I have marvelled at how much he has grown. But no matter how old he is or will be, he is still my baby. My miracle.  Continue reading „My little miracle”

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